Boyfriend Material (Ethan & Wyatt #2) by K.A. Mitchell

Title ➷ Boyfriend Material (Ethan & Wyatt #2)

Author ➷ K.A. Mitchell

Expected publication ➷ August 1st 2016 ✔️

Published by ➷ Carina Press

Genre ➷ Contemporary, New Adult, M/M Romance 💕

Read ➷ Kindle Edition, English

Word count ➷ Approximately 29,000 words

Price ➷ $3.99 (US)

My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

♦️ Synopsis:

Physically, it’s easy for Ethan and Wyatt to be together—well, if “easy” means stolen moments when Ethan’s roommate is away, or sneaking away to a hidden nook in the library. Privacy is hard to come by in a dorm, but finding ways to connect is half the fun.

Emotionally, though, that’s a different story. Wyatt isn’t sure if a relationship is something he can make last—years of having to hide his emotions have left him with a shaky sense of self-confidence. And when it’s time to head home for the holidays, their steamy on-campus connection may not translate so well to the real world…

Series  ➷  (Ethan & Wyatt #2)

Characters  ➷ Ethan, Wyatt

♦️ Riina’s Review: 

Boyfriend Material picks up where Getting Him Back left off. We’re switching POV’s and barrel right into Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

We get to see how Wyatt handles being in his first relationship. The ups and downs of first love, college-living and meeting the parents.

It’s a nice little installment and if you liked the first book I’m sure you’ll have some fun with this one as well. Most of all the sexiness stands out (just lovely!) and how well written it is.

My overall enjoyment of the couple was a bit dampened by Wyatt being Wyatt.

I liked him well enough here but being inside his head was, surprisingly, a little less awesome as I’d hoped it would be. I adored him in the first book, which was told from Ethan’s POV only (except for that 4 page Epilogue-thing).

I get that he’s insecure and not thrilled about how Ethan handled some things, I really do, but I wished he’d been a little less prickly. Sometimes I felt bad for Ethan, though I get that not every relationship is smooth sailing. Guess they never are! So… yeah.

Ethan, god I adore him still. He’s such a wonderful guy!

I’m a bit bummed that the book ends with yet another cliffhanger of sorts and I’ll have to wait for another installment. Some books are awesome but don’t need to be cut into three parts, in my opinion. It only dampens my overall enjoyment, the whole having to wait and forgetting what had happened in prior installments.

I mean, the story is rather simple and only cut into little pieces, it’s not full of suspense or mystery or action. Just a sweet love-story between two college guys. I would have loved it to be just one big book, you know? 🙂

But hey, it also got me introduced to K.A. Mitchell and I’m going to check out some of her backlist titles.

Many, many thanks to the publisher who kindly provided a free copy for an honest and impartial review.💕

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