Deep in Your Shadows (The Village #2)

Title ➷ Deep in Your Shadows (The Village #2) 

Author ➷ Darien Cox

Expected publication ➷ June 19, 2016 ✔️

Published by ➷ Darien Cox

Genre ➷ Sci-fi, Paranormal, M/M Romance 💕

Read ➷ Kindle Edition, English

Word count ➷ Approximately 88,850 words

Price ➷ $2.99 (US)

My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
And then some.

♦️ Synopsis:

It’s been three months since the team were instructed to stay off the mountain, and Christian is going a little stir crazy. Until one rainy afternoon an object crashes into the water in Singing Bear Village, creating temporary chaos and confusion in the peaceful lakeside community. Given past events, Christian and his crew call Ogden, and their boss brings a specialized team to take over the situation, shutting out local law enforcement.

But Sheriff Myles Murphy doesn’t like being shut out, and is furious to have his authority superseded. Christian assures his boss that he can handle the local sheriff and assuage his suspicions, but it won’t be so easy. Because while Christian has harbored a secret crush on the man for two years, Sheriff Myles Murphy despises him.

Series  ➷   (The Village)

Characters  ➷ JT, Rudy, Christian, Myles, Nolan, Elliot, Baz

♦️ Riina’s Review: 

Again. Wow. Mind. Blown. ❤️
All the freakin stars!! ☆
Okay. ☆
Thank you, D. (^з^)-☆

It’s been three months since the team were instructed to stay off the mountain, and Christian is going a little stir crazy… !

*clicks pause*

It’s important *cough* to note that Christian is one of my ALLTIME favorite guys!
He’s funny, sweet and all around wonderful. *swoon*

Honestly, he rocks that shit.

I admit, I had to warm up towards Myles (mostly because I didn’t want to share Christian, heh) but eventually he proved to be a good match for my guy.

They have SIZZLING chemistry, all right.

– sigh – 

I’ll always be a little jealous that I can’t be in the book (it’s a good thing though, I’d be such a creepy stalker, haha).

Deep in Your Shadows picks up right where Safe in Your Fire ended. It’s just as much fun hanging out with the gang as it was the first time, and I can only imagine it will get more interesting and intense as we go along.

This installment wasn’t as creepy as the first, but fear not, the aliens are watching! And just like the previous story, this one pulls you right in and won’t let you go.

Hope we won’t have to say goodbye to the crew any time soon!! I can’t get enough of THOSE GUYS (and adorable aliens)!

Darien Cox has fast become one of my (very few) absolute favorite authors! I adore all of his books, honest, and The Village series has a special place in my heart. As I mentioned in my other review: You won’t find me re-reading a book often but Darien’s characters are (pretty much always) insta-favorites of mine and I enjoy revisiting them from time to time.

Along with the suspense and incredibly fun characters, D. is so very brilliant when it comes to the more intimate stuff. SERIOUSLYPhew. Phew. Phew.

I just want to hit Pause and Repeat over and over.

So yes, This book was EVERYTHING! – This series is EVERYTHING 🙂 
I’m looking forward to see the boys again, so, happy writing!


♦️Purchase Links: 

Get it now. 

Really, though. 

GET IT, ya won’t regret it.

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