Trapped in Your Storm by Darien Cox (The Village #3)

Title ➷ Trapped in Your Storm (The Village #3)

Author ➷ Darien Cox

Expected publication ➷ Oct. 18, 2016 ✔️

Published by ➷ Darien Cox

Genre ➷ Sci-fi, Paranormal, M/M Romance 💕

Read ➷ Kindle Edition, English

Word count ➷ Approximately 109,430 words

Price ➷ $2.99 (US)

My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
And then some.

♦️ Synopsis:

Nothing remains peaceful for long for the team in Singing Bear Village. Something’s amiss in the mountains. A threat from an online conspiracy theorist. Baz is missing. But Elliot has Nolan, his best friend who’s always kept him grounded. Until Nolan starts looking at him in a different way – a way that rocks his stability even as it intrigues him.

Autumn has local DJ and disinformation agent Elliot Nicholson feeling renewed. He’s moved past the depression and anxiety that plagued him over the summer, and lately his job has been blessedly free of crisis. But for Elliot and his colleagues, nothing remains peaceful for long in Singing Bear Village.

Baz, their outlandish ambassador, may be missing. Strange anomalies in the forest suggest something’s amiss with their neighbors under the mountain. And an online conspiracy theorist claims to know all the team’s secrets, and is threatening exposure.

Thankfully, Elliot has Nolan, his loyal friend and teammate who’s always kept him grounded. But one night an innocent lark goes too far, and Elliot is knocked off-balance when Nolan starts looking at him in a different way.

Series  ➷   (The Village)

Characters  ➷ JT, Rudy, Christian, Myles, Nolan, Elliot, Baz

♦️ Riina’s Review: 

Wowed. Once. Again. ❤️
All the freakin stars!! ☆

Trapped in Your Storm took me by surprise. A little. I mean, I was ninety-nine percent sure it would be great, and I adored the previous installments to bits, but with Elliot and Nolan not being my top favorite guys… *shrugs* I was positively surprised, and delighted, how much I enjoyed their romance.

Their friendship is one for the ages.

I love a good friends-to-lovers storyline, which Darien rocked the shit out of!!

Elliot has become one of my favorite guys, thank you D. He really is wonderful, just needed a chance to shine. And shine he did!!

Nolan too. Pretty awesome guy and such a good match for Elliot. They were so much fun together, and sexy as all hell.

So… Turns out, the entire book is a top-favorite, what with all the drama, craziness and suspense.

This book has everything you want: scary things, action, light humor, friendship all around, love and passion.

Seriously, this book rocked my tiny little world 🙂


♦️Purchase Links: 

Get it now. 

Really, though. 

GET IT, ya won’t regret it.

As you might know by now, Darien Cox has fast become one of my (very few) absolute favorite authors! I adore all of his books, honest, and The Village series has a special place in my heart.

As I mentioned in my other review: You won’t find me re-reading a book often but Darien’s characters are (pretty much always) insta-favorites of mine and I enjoy revisiting them from time to time.

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