New Heights by Quinn Anderson

Title ➷ New Heights

Author ➷ Quinn Anderson

Expected publication ➷ March 12th 2018 ✔️

Published by ➷ Riptide Publishing

Genre ➷ Contemporary, New Adult, M/M Romance 💕

Read ➷ Kindle Edition, English

Word count ➷ Approximately 38,200 words

Price ➷ $3.99 (US)

My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

♦️ Synopsis:

After attending a friend’s wedding in New York, James Thompson is eager to go home, even though no one will be waiting for him at the gate. He has no expectations for his trip back to Charleston other than long lines, security, and bad airplane food. But when an annoying—albeit hot—stranger cuts him in line, James is determined not to be a pushover for once.

For Mika “It’s Mee-kuh, not Micah” Bailey, today’s just another day of boring work travel. That is, until his flight gets delayed, and some irritating (but handsome) guy keeps hogging all the good power outlets. Which means war. In the middle of an airport. In New York. What could go wrong?

Eventually, they declare a truce, and as they get to know each other, their attraction overwhelms them both. Terrified of what he’s feeling, Mika suggests a no-strings hookup, but serial-monogamist James wants more. If they don’t fight for what’s right in front of them, their romance might be canceled before it ever takes off.

Characters  ➷ Mika, James

♦️ Riina’s Review: 

New Heights was one of my reading highlights of all time ♡


It’s fun, sweet, fun, sexy, fun, charming, fun, cute, oh and fun!

James and Mika don’t hit it off from the start but I took an instant liking to both.

Stranded in an airport (a setting which I enjoyed greatly), both guys are in a crappy mood (understandably so, you have to read it to find out why 😉 ) and their first meeting ends with a declaration of war. Oh! THOSE BOYS!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

I ADORE MIKA TO BITS. He’s laid back, snarky, fun, loud, direct and just way too lovable. *sigh*

James is pretty much his polar opposite – a thinker, over cautious and anxious.

I loved their antics, their little fights and the dialogue made for a fantastic reading experience 🙂

When they do hit it off romantically – and of course they will, because, duh! opposites attract and all that jazz – it’s off the charts hot. They have great chemistry and can be super sweet together.

It’s one of those books you wish would give you another five hours of entertainment, or twelve or twenty.


ps: the cover is the cutest thing in the world. i want to steal it and make it mine.

Many, many thanks to the publisher who kindly provided a free copy for an honest and impartial review.💕

♦️Purchase Links: 

Get it now.

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