Devil in the Details (Death and the Devil #1.8) by L.J. Hayward

Title: Devil in the Details (Death and the Devil, #1.8)
Author: by L.J. Hayward
Expected publication: October 31st 2018
Published by: L.J. Hayward; 1 edition
Genre:  M/M Romance, Thriller, Romantic Suspense
Type: Novella, part of a series
Read: Kindle Edition, English
Word count: Approximately 195 pages
Price: US$1.15
ebook ASIN: B07GS6XS3T

My Rating: 5/5 

♦️ Synopsis ♦️

42289935If there’s one thing assassin Ethan Blade knows, it’s how to plan a job. How to study a target, find the weak spot, and strike. He keeps his guns clean, his knives sharp, and his heart sealed away behind more locks than his precious cars. Alone but safe. Until Jack Reardon burrowed his way into Ethan’s life, his car, and his heart. This may just be the deadliest mess he can’t plan his way out of.

Jack wasn’t sure he’d see Ethan again—not after the less-than-stellar ends to their previous hookups. Even finding the assassin skulking about his apartment isn’t as reassuring as it should be, especially when he works out Ethan’s motive for being there might not be personal. That said, Jack will take any chance he can to salvage their relationship, assuming he survives whatever plan Ethan is cooking up.

Ethan and Jack had a bargain, but the parameters changed and neither are certain how to move forward—together or apart. But before they can start to renegotiate, lives, trust, and hearts are endangered by ghosts from the past. Even if they dodge their enemies’ bullets, there’s a risk of friendly fire, and when you let someone get too close, even small knives can cut deep.


Where Death Meets the Devil (Death and the Devil, #1)  / Review here. 
Where Death Meets the Devil:Coda (Death and the Devil, #1.2)
Bargaining with the Devil (Death and the Devil, #1.4) / Review here.
When the Devil Drives (Death and the Devil, #1.6) / Review here.
Devil in the Details  (Death and the Devil, #1.8) 
NEXT UP: Why the Devil Stalks Death (Death and the Devil, #2)

♦️ Riina’s Review ♦️

Everyone and their uncle probably knows by now how much I adore the Death and the Devil series — I haven’t read anything like it, and nothing as exciting! Ever. Yup, it’s a fact by now. Period.

Meta-State spy Jack Reardon and contract killer Ethan Blade are back with:

Devil in the Details (Death and the Devil, #1.8) including the stories La Petite Mort, Devil in the Details and Death Takes a Holiday.

…and it’s freaking fantastic❣️ One of my absolute favorite [novella].

Just like the previous ebooks, this installment includes more than one story and, once again, covers a timeframe of two months (June & July).

Highlight: La Petite Mort gifts us with Ethan’s point of view! For the very first time! Ethan fucking Blade — How damn exciting is that? I nearly wept with joy. No kidding.


You’re sold, aren’t you? 🙋‍♂️

So what happens in this novella?

Much to Jack’s surprise, Ethan has returned to Sydney.

With a clue he hopes will solve Jack’s latest assignment: Delta Subject.

Instead of simply telling Jack what he knows, Ethan plans on leaving his information on a note for Jack to discover once he’d left. Meanwhile, Ethan lets Jack distract and comfort him while mentally preparing for their final goodbye.

So, that first part of the book gives us a much anticipated glimpse into Ethan’s head and let me say this again: IT WAS EVERYTHING. 

I mean, Jack and Ethan. Hells. Obviously it was very sexy. In fact, super mega steamy. And sweet. I just adore the shit out of Mr. ‘I’m not enough for you’ Blade. 💔 💖

Already the beginning is a rollercoaster of emotions. Their lack of proper communication makes the lows hurt more but I’m cheering so much harder whenever they’re back on the right track. And they always find their way back to each other, I strongly believe that for the future as well.

The events of that day continue in Devil in the Details, when Jack discovers Ethan’s note, and it’s once again told from Jack’s point of view.

In this story the boys are back to brutal business, facing off against new bad guys (ALWAYS SO MANY BAD GUYS!!! 🙂 ) and meet a previously introduced lady assassin (see book #1.6). It’s full of action again! A kidnapping, a smart plan gone wrong and a tragedy (tearjerker alert!).

The pacing of the final story, Death Takes a Holiday, is completely different and my favorite part of the book. It’s slower, much slower, the setting (Vietnam!) is new and fascinating, and while it starts out slow and sweet it picks up near the end with more bad guys, guns and explosions. 

I loved having the guys back! Ethan and Jack have become my number one pairing (OTP vibes are strong with these two, sigh.)

Their moments together are just so lovely! And boy, their chemistry is off the charts; I’m completely addicted to their out of the ordinary romance!

Look out for Why the Devil Stalks Death (Death and the Devil, #2) in DECEMBER!!

Many, many thanks to L.J. Hayward who kindly provided a free copy for an honest and impartial review.


♦️ Purchase Links ♦️

You can pre-order the book now!

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