The Pumpkin Patch by Darien Cox & Kade Boehme

Title: The Pumpkin Patch
Author: by Darien Cox & Kade Boehme
Expected publication: October 31st 2018
Genre:  M/M Romance, Mystery
Type: Standalone
Read: Kindle Edition, English
Word count: Approximately 135 pages
Price: US$3.35

My Rating: 5/5 

♦️ Synopsis ♦️


When a family illness delays Max Kirby’s life plans, he finds himself back in his hometown of Riverbush, a quaint mountainside community he’d have been otherwise happy to leave behind. But things have changed since he left for college. Seems all anyone wants to talk about is the brutal murders of a local family that rocked the town a year prior. And the strange rumors about the only surviving son, Dusty Roedell, who took up residence at the old farmhouse after the tragedy.

Now Max needs a job while he’s in town, and Dusty is looking for a night watchman to keep the vandals, pranksters, and crime scene gawkers off his property. Ignoring gossip that makes Dusty sound like a ghoul, Max takes the job, and finds only a grieving man trying to get on with his life. But Dusty is far more intriguing than Max expected, and his night shifts at the murder house lead to lustful thoughts about his new boss, along with shocking discoveries about the night Dusty’s family was killed.


♦️ Riina’s Review ♦️

What a fantastic surprise! 🙂

Max and Dusty were fun together. Their dynamic was what made it interesting. Still grieving his dead family, Dusty is not in the mood for… well, anything really. He’s not exactly rude but he has a hard time giving Max a real chance as his employee and friend. A friend I don’t think he realizes he needs.

Max though knows what he wants when he sees it, or at least he knows he wants Dusty. Max was my favorite out of the two, mostly because he seemed outgoing and a bit cheeky but also had his shy moments.

The plot here was quite exciting. Suspense with a touch of mystery. At times a little spooky, just the way I like it 🙂

I can’t tell you more or I might give away too much! Let me say this though: I totally dug how the story unfolded, and I’m very pleased with the ending.

I have to thank Darien for the lovely ARC he gifted me with. Thank you, D! I hope you’ll continue to enjoy writing those lovely stories! This collab with Kade was a nice surprise as well. I’m excited for more.

PS: What a smmmmexy cover! Beautiful. I’m loving it.


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