Dealing in Death (Death and the Devil, #2.5) by L.J. Hayward

Title: Dealing in Death (Death and the Devil, #2.5)
Author: by L.J. Hayward
Expected publication: 30. August 2019
Published by: L.J. Hayward
Genre:  M/M Romance, Thriller, Romantic Suspense
Type: Extended novella, part of a series
Read: Kindle Edition, English
Word count: 176 pages
Price: US$ 3.99

My Rating: 5/5 

♦️ Synopsis ♦️

DealingInDeath_600x900Ethan Blade—assassin extraordinaire, cold-blooded killer, heartless monster, and . . . retiree?

I’ve spent my whole life dealing in death, efficiently eliminating targets while fighting to preserve a sense of self and morality, to avoid becoming as detached and ruthless as my siblings. I thought I had succeeded. Then I met Jack Reardon—contrary, handsome, forgiving, and far too good for the likes of me—and my life was tipped upside down. When he asked me to move in with him, he didn’t specify that I had to quit my job, but I wanted to—for myself, not for him. I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy.

My old instincts—“Ethan Blade”—are soon tempted out of retirement by a job offer I can’t afford to refuse and by an old hook-up of Jack’s he’d be a fool to refuse. While falling prey to my own temptation, Jack struggles with his. Which is precisely when the true danger exposes itself—one of my siblings with no such sense of self or morality. Only pain. And he is prepared to rain it down on me and Jack, unless I can square the Ethan Blade I want to be with the one I need to be, in time to save us both.



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  • Death and the Devil, #3 


♦️ Riina’s Review ♦️


Jack too but mostly Ethan. Yes, that’s right!

100% Blade POV. We are blessed with all of his fears, hopes, insecurities, dreams and secrets.

Remember last time? When Jack was in very deep shit. Another, much dreaded, undercover job. A serial killer on the loose. Someone targeting Jack himself.

And Ethan had gone missing?

Dealing in Death takes us back to that time. Only now we get to see what Ethan was getting up to while he wasn’t around Jack (in the previous book, Why the Devil Stalks Death). While I’m still dying for book #3 I’m so very pleased L.J. Hayward decided to write this little gem.

This installment felt a lot like a ‘Behind the Scenes’ kinda thing! I devoured it––loved every single moment!

Remember the up and down between Jack and Ethan? Get ready to ride that roller coaster once more.

He was right, we were just knives waiting to cut anyone who got too close. Seemed neither of us had yet learned how not to hurt the other.

We get to see more of Nine and her relationship with Ethan.


Remember Two? His games with Ethan are quite intense! Be prepared for some serious punching and kicking and screaming. On screen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt like punching someone or screaming yourself.

 (IT ME.)

It’s no secret I’m a huge Ethan Blade fan, so this book was extra special!!

L.J. Hayward is a pro at what she does! I admire her effortless storytelling. As always, I was hooked from the beginning, the first sentence, really. I couldn’t. Put. It. Down.

The story might not be completely new but I found it just as exciting. It was nearly the same nerve-wracking experience––action, lies, emotion and heartache––we experienced in Why the Devil Stalks Death. 99% focused on Ethan and what’s going on in his head (instead of the serial killings we previously got to enjoy) but as I said, for a fan this was such a treat!

I loved having Ethan and Jack back. It feels like forever since they’ve become my number one pairing (OTP vibes are strong!).

I made sure every inch of his broad, muscular torso knew just how much I’d missed it.

I adore their quiet moments together. Those two…they are just so so so lovely together!  Jack and Ethan’s chemistry is off the charts! I’m still drooling.

I’m addicted to their out of the ordinary romance!

Also, I feel like eating butter chicken now…

Many, many thanks to L.J. Hayward who kindly provided a free copy for an honest and impartial review.

I feel so blessed to have been gifted this precious ARC. *bows*


♦️ Purchase Links ♦️

Release date is August 30 –– pre-order now for the discounted price of US$2.99 as the price will go up to US$3.99 upon release.

Amazon US

Amazon Germany






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