Dealing in Death (Death and the Devil, #2.5) by L.J. Hayward


Jack too but mostly Ethan. Yes, that’s right!

100% Blade POV. We are blessed with all of his fears, hopes, insecurities, dreams and secrets. 

Remember last time? When Jack was in very deep shit. Another, much dreaded, undercover job. A serial killer on the loose. Someone targeting Jack himself.

And Ethan had gone missing?

Dealing in Death takes us back to that time. Only now we get to see what Ethan was getting up to while he wasn’t around Jack (in the previous book, Why the Devil Stalks Death). While I’m still dying for book #3 I’m so very pleased L.J. Hayward decided to write this little gem.

This installment felt a lot like a ‘Behind the Scenes’ kinda thing! I devoured it––loved every single moment! 

Remember the up and down between Jack and Ethan? Get ready to ride that roller coaster once more.